Money and sex together is the “nucleus” of a relationship

Sex and money stay in the center of a relationship and control all other emotions like affection, devotion, sincerity, and honesty. Etc. I want to give an analogy. The nucleus stays in the center of an atom and electron circles the nucleus. The force of the nucleus consisting of proton and neutron keep the electrons in orbit. Sex and money are like neutron and proton constitute the core of a relationship. Other emotions move round sex and money.

Sex and money compete against each other for the first place in a relationship.
The absence of either of them can disrupt a relation. Money gets first place. However, only money can’t keep a relationship. Sex is one of the main reasons why people enter a relationship.

A relationship without sex is dead. It can not survive without money either. A relationship will collapse if one of the elements is absent.

Being in a relationship is not just a good thing, it is vital for you. Otherwise, you would be lonely. If you are alone, you would be miserable; you would not even live long. Researchers find loneliness is deadlier than obesity as well as smoking.

Regardless of how much effort you give to find a date, you never the right one, because there is no “right one.” You could have other choices. But that choice would not be perfect either.

In the course of time, you will find more problems and complications in your relationship. Your relationship may survive many storms. But there are a couple of things that are foundations of your relationship. If the core of the foundation does not exist, your relationship will fall apart.

To find a partner and start a relationship is a long process. To keep the relationship is more difficult and challenging. You need to take care of the foundation of your relationship.

There are always some negative factors encountered in a relationship, but we still keep working towards optimizing it and that usually works. The foundation of a healthy relationship is to be open with one another without holding anything back.

Honest communication and working through problems and disagreements, in fact, can strengthen a relationship.

Negative emotions like anger, jealousy, and doubts always afflict your relationship. Your relations can suffer some setbacks when you quarrel and have disagreements. But those matters can’t shake a solid foundation.

You have a sound economy. You are right in bed. So you don’t have to worry at all. Just grow your sense of humor. Make jokes and make your partner laugh.

Emotional support helps a lot to boost your partner’s mood. Talk about your dreams and future goals together. Make plans together-that will keep you both united.

You have to show compassion without disgracing your partner, be kind and sweet. Without mutual trust, a relation gets hard over time.

Doubt is the most common cause of breaking a relationship. If you doubt your partner, then talk about it. Put things straight to your partner, make your reason for doubt clear and listen to her explanation.

Both persons in a relationship have their personality. You both need your own space to grow. Give your partner space to be who she is.

But all those falls on the floor if your sex life does not function. So, do all you can do to maintain your potency. Eat healthily, do exercise, do all the right things. If you have some weakness, then learn some tactics to compensate for that.

A relationship can survive lousy sex, but it will never sustain a lousy economy.
A relationship would collapse no matter what you do if you got no money. Even being good at sex will not help if you have a crisis in the economy.

People talk about love, romance & trust among other things. But no philosophy will work if your economy is in disorder.

What can you do about it? You have to make your financial plan together. Open up if you have the downside of your economy. Involve your partner in all your economic activities. If something goes wrong, it is her responsibility, too. Then your relationship can survive in spite of the monetary crisis

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