When my son turned fifteen, he said, “ I’m going to be like you, dad” I should have been but became scared instead and replied, “ Don’t be. Don’t learn life lessons too late like me.” I did the same mistake following his granddad. I teach my sons life lessons in proper time.

I was born in a typical lower-middle-class family in an Indian village. My father taught me, education was the identity of a person; you needed education if you wanted to be someone distinguished in life. …

Men want to make women squirt. It needs a lot of patience. You have to be very good to use two fingers. Some good lube would be helpful. You also need some help from the woman . She needs to learn some orgasm control. Otherwise, it can be hard to make her squirt.

All that being said, substitute your favorite pronouns, because anyone can make this happen.

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To satisfy a woman is more than just having sex: it involves both physical and emotional connection. The most important thing is that you have to make her feel comfortable. That’s not a very easy thing to do.

Many men have a misunderstanding about making a woman sexually satisfied. Sexual satisfaction is not just reaching orgasm. Women want to be connected with their partners, too.

Some women define sexual satisfaction as exploring each other’s’ physical desires with respect.

Some women like romantic sex whereas many women like raw hookup sex. The important thing is that you have to give importance to her likings so that she can reciprocate your desires.

Six things are vital for satisfying any type of women:

All women love long, sensual foreplay. You must know women need longer foreplay to be aroused. It can…

When you are in love for the first time, it is often difficult to keep your panties on. Some years later, however, you won’t feel to take your pants down much! It should not be that way. You can keep the excitement of your sex life.

  1. Don’t plan sex for later, do it when you feel excited:

Even the most passionate couples often find that the sex desire disappears in the midst of day to day boring family life, cooking and the same conversations in a messy kitchen.

There must be a place for hot sex in everyday life. Cooking, eating and watching TV is not all. Without regular sex life is not dynamic.

Avoid unnecessary romantic notion that doesn’t lead to sex, and takes responsibility for your sex life.

There are always two forms of desire between couples. …

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When you feel remorse staying home, it is a good idea to have sex if you are living with a permanent partner. Sex helps activate your brain cells. You will feel better and think better. It boosts blood flow in your body which you badly need when you don’t get enough physical movement. But you should know the following: Coronavirus is probably not sexually transmitted :

It is not known yet. No studies have yet been done to find out whether coronaviruses are present in semen or vagina.

But during the sexual encounter, partners have face to face close contact…

Image by Stas_F from Pixabay

You may think that you know everything about sex because you make love every day. Wrong. Even parents of many children don’t know many. Check if you know those:

2. Many women get orgasm only touching their clitoris. In fact, the clitoris is the female counterpart of the penis. It has 6000 to 8000 nerves which are similar to the penis head. Men touch the clitoris only as a part of foreplay.

3. The majority of men have a normal penis although very few men are satisfied with their penis size. The world average penis size is 5,2 inches. 1 inch shorter or longer does not make a big difference. Women are not as concerned about their penis size as men are. You can’t increase the size a lot…

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

The legendary Moroccan Sultan Moulay Ismael had sex with 19,000 young women between 18 and 30 years to get 1171 children. Scientists of the University of Vienna figured out how the Sultan possibly got so many kids. They agree that it was quite possible

Sultan Moulay Ismael brutally ruled Morocco from 1672 to 1727. The Sultan was “ bloodthirsty” because he beheaded enemies without mercy. But the Sultan was apparently busy with not only ruling his empire but also having sex. The entire female population was at his disposal. He could have sex any woman he wanted.

In his case, it was possible to get more than 1000 children. The researchers of the University of Vienna figured out how many times the Sultan had to have sex to gen over 1000 children. …

The British men have some reason to rejoice that they beat their French counterparts by the penis size. But they have no reason to be super excited as their manhood is not big compared to their other European counterparts.

People have long believed that the penis size of the British men exceeds 6 inches. There were many surveys that showed that British men have a large penis which is far bigger than the world average.

The London clinic International Andrology conducted a survey of 2000 men and women about penis size and sexual satisfaction. They found the average penis size of British men 6.36 inches.

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They also found that the penis varies across the regions of the UK. Men of Wales have the largest penis with an average 6.5 inches on average while men from the East Midlands have…

Are you tired of hook-up sex and thinking of having romantic sex? I will suggest the best sex position for romantic sex.

What is hook-up sex? Hook-up sex is a physical encounter without romantic emotion. Hook-up sex is “ fuck”. Romantic sex is making love which involves intimacy and emotions.

Fuck is fast sex. For this, those sex positions are suitable than can be done instantly without preparation. Sex positions for romantic love are suitable for slow sex and intimacy.

There are sex positions in Kamasutra and other eastern-influenced sex positions that facilitate a higher degree of intimacy. These positions allow a couple to enhance their sensory experiences

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The Buddist inspired Yab yum is builds a bridge between emotions and sexual pleasures. This position connects both foreplay or after play. It can align the energies and intentions of the couple

Sex feels better when it’s raw. Romantic love is an abstract feeling. Romance does not help much for sexual pleasure. Sex is good when it’s intense and vulgar. Love songs in the background don’t give raw excitement. Dirty talks enhance sexual pleasure. Romantic emotions are necessary for a relationship but during sex, it is better to be wild than romantic.

Love and romance have a very big importance in our life. Many love songs and poems have eternal abstract values. But you have to keep those emotions aside when you have sex.

Sex is not an emotion; it is a biological urge like hunger and thirst. You should better do it like a beast-dirty and vulgar.

You can make love in a romantic way. You can light candles and tune love songs. You dance with your partner beside a roaring fire and of course. Then you tell her how much you love and make love to her.

Alternatively, you take…

Obaidul Karim Khan

Own a small Danish company. A market researcher by profession, write for passion, a sex blogger on www.sexual.nu Contact karimkhan@live.dk

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